Hunting Supplies

We carry everything you need for hunting… calls, lures, scent covers, packs, boots etc. We have what you need for deer, turkey, predators and more. We also have the Under Armour outdoor line. This includes sweatshirts, long & short sleeve shirts, sandals, boots, coats, long underwear, masks, gloves etc. etc. etc.

Archery Supplies

We stock both new & used bows in many brands. We’re happy to take your equipment on trade or buy it outright. We will even do it on consignment. We stock several crossbow brands, including SA Sports, Barnett, Parker, Carbon Express and TenPoint.  We always have a good selection of pre-made carbon/graphite arrows in stock, and we can custom make arrows to your personal preference! 

Gun Supplies

At Mountainside you will find a robust selection of shotguns, rifles, muzzle-loaders, handguns and all the accessories to go with them. And we will order anything in for you, if we don’t already have it. We also carry ammunition in all common, and some uncommon, caliber and gauges. We offer both new and used firearms and welcome your trade-ins!

Reloading Supplies

Mountainside has a full line of reloading supplies. Powder, primers, bullets, cases, tools/equipment, cleaners, and manuals. Everything you need to reload your own ammunition.

Trapping Supplies

We carry a full line of Duke traps and several different sizes of Victor brand traps. We also often have used traps available in various sizes and brands. Books, Bait/Lure, Dye, Wax, Baskets, Stretchers, Trap setters, Fleshers, Stakes and all the other tools a trapper needs are also well stocked.

Fishing Supplies

Our fishing section is slowly expanding. We now have basic fishing supplies as well as fly fishing gear. We have stock specific to cat fish, musky and trout, and we are always happy to order in anything you want that we don’t have.

We also have used and new kayaks in stock. 

Camping/Survival Supplies

We stock a full line of survival supplies. With this comes some basic camping supplies. We have freeze dried foods, first aid, insect repellent, emergency packs, knives and so much more. 

Maple Sugaring Supplies

We stock a full line of sugaring supplies so you can go from sap to syrup & pan to table. Whether you are boiling on a personal scale or if you’ve got a larger operation going- we’ve got what you need… jugs in plastic, as well as decorative glass bottles of all shapes and sizes, new & used buckets, lids and spiles as well as tubing & all the fittings.  Drill bits, filters, cream tubs, hydrometers, thermometers plus more.
And if you need help getting started in this growing industry, we’ll be happy to help!

Softball Supplies

We are carrying the basics of softball equipment. If there’s something you want that we don’t have in stock, let us know and we’ll order it for you if we can. 

Fun Stuff

We also stock Tannerite and other fun stuff such as Dragons Breath, Fletchette, Bolo and Door Buster rounds. As well as fun bumper stickers and tin signs, concealed carry handbags and so much more! Stop in today to see all we have to offer.